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What is video marketing? How it helps in online promotions.

video marketing helps in online promotion

By now we all have realized the potential of video marketing in 2019 and beyond. And how video marketing helps in online promotion to any business.

The whole online space is bombarded with online videos. A recent statistics reports suggest that Why video marketing is a great way to start with as mentioned below:

  • At an average, 44% of people record videos for there personal use And 56% of people create videos for there business use.
  • There are many commonly used solution for the purpose of video creation .i.e. 70% online platforms, 20% design team & 10% digital agencies.
  • It is generally seen 86% of times videos bring good and positive results compared to the text-based blog post.
  • It is proven that 71% of people spend more times on a website with a video on it.
  • As per stats videos helped 78% of video creators to generate more traffic to there video channel, social profiles, and blogs.
  • 70% of businesses are generating more leads by just leveraging videos for there business.
  • 54% of businesses claimed that videos helped in generating more sales.
  • 86% of marketers say that videos helped in brand awareness purpose for the business.
  • 60% 0f people and businesses use more than 10 videos each month.
  • Promotional and informational videos are seen to be more effective than compared to other types of videos.
  • Nowadays more and more videos are published on social media platforms, With approx 37% in youtube, 36% on Facebook and 15% on Instagram.
  • 95% of people able to retain the messages that they watch it on a video format as compared to just 10% while reading on the text.
  • Experts believe that in 2019 and beyond videos will be a priority.

What is Video Marketing?

Videography Marketing is an effective and engaging technique of promotion via the internet using video as the medium. Video marketing has gained traction and becoming the most popular tools for promoting any brand on the internet. Video marketing is the core area for the most popular brands in the world. As part of their outreach and brand engagement campaigns. In-fact one Facebook executive went made a prediction that the platform will be completely video-based in the next 5 years.

Some examples of how video marketing helps in online promotion.

Presently because of Youtube, video marketing is getting popular and

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Video is the most explainable format for portraying the information to users. Studies show as at an average 85% of users spend more time on a website with a video. Engagement and time spent of the user with the website having video are increasing day by day. Video helps in establishing a better emotional connection with the target users/audience.

Why you should focus on Video Marketing in 2019?

SEO or in social media marketing, The video has become the next big thing. As the cost of production has reduced with each passing year. It has now become easier to create video-based content which has led to a surge of video on various platforms. By leveraging this trend, Various platforms have made changes to facilitate and expose the audience to more video-based content. This upsurging video is used as a medium for promotion.

In today’s times an ordinary online visitor, Does not like to just read the content on a website. If a person searches a query on a search engine that means, He is searching for a solution. And if he gets a visually appealing and intent related result in front of there eyes. That he can feel and experience and connect with. Then the chances of conversion of the customer for that product increases drastically.

Why Video marketing – one channel, many uses.

As the video is a great medium for promotion. As it is an important and subpart of the vast digital marketing strategy for a business. From email marketing to landing pages of your websites, video can improve the rate of engagement and lead generation. No matter what your goal as an online marketer. It can be used as a virtual tool for business.

  • video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by 80%
  • The mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%.
  • 90 percent of customers realized, That videos help them make buying decisions.

It doesn’t matter you are a small business owner or the Marketing head at a multi-national company. Everyone should leverage the power of video marketing to maximize the return of your marketing effort.

Here at Webi360, We help our clients to realize marketing goals via leveraging video marketing.

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